I Promised I Wouldn’t

I promised I wouldn’t open another blog. The cemetary of discontinued blogs with my name associated with it is as long a list as the one to get into the public restroom at a theme park. Yet, my motivation in this is honorable.

As with Joe Average Gets Fit and Roni’s Weigh, I wish to have a blog specifically geared towards improving my health and losing weight. It’s proving more difficult than I thought it would be by posting to my regular blog. The desire is there, the ambition, but not the attention span unless geared toward a specific purpose, ie a separate blog highlighting weight loss and fitness to the exclusion of all other items.

More to the point, keeping track of my eating and exercise would be a hell of a lot easier if I could type it all out rather than write it in hand written journals as I do now for the GEIO Study.

I think I will do it. If, within the next few posts, I mention something of it, I can only hope that it works as well as my Arts and Crafts blog does.


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