Suleman Octuplets Mother Furor

Jhana Wallace, Brian Reid, Rosie Dimanno, Anne Onne, and Joe Fitzgerald have probably said some of the most sane stuff in this whole thing regarding the Suleman Octuplets. Based on the experience the Dionne sisters had, I am loathe to call them that, but there it is until their individuality can be properly respected.

Screw forgiving the bluntness, but some ninny who knows damn well they’re buying a one room rat infested shack that they couldn’t even begin to afford with seven people gets all the endorsement deals money can buy on Extreme Makeover and everyone celebrates the family being so tight knit and self sacrificing. A single mother has fourteen kids but so few are bothered to even lift a finger to help a family who, very soon, will have [at the most] seventeen mouths to feed and bodies to shelter. Bullshit. Absolute bullshit.

Where’s Sears, Pampers and Walgreens et al for THAT one? Ty Pennington must be on vacation. Those kids are going to need a lot of supplies, medical coverage, a much bigger house, and, even if you don’t agree with the methods or their mother, there is nothing you can do to change what’s happened.

What are you going to do, say Eeny Meeny Miney Mo and choose the kids that have to go? I’ve heard a lot of people making the comment that she’s given birth to ‘a litter’ of kids.

Ok then, where’s your burlap bag? Both she, and the children she’s had are human beings. No one deserves that comparison.

I won’t even dignify some of the nastier comments I’ve seen with verbatim quotes but they involved dropping the S-N words, the word ‘Whore’ and a rejoicing that the recent Murder/Suicide in California balanced out the ‘N’ word population. [More]

I never thought the day would come when I saw people more concerned about getting the latest model of I-Phone, Blackberry, or whatever the hell its called than helping fourteen kids and three soon to be overwhelmed adults out. No child deserves neglect from so many people.

This, thankfully, will be my last post on this. It’s too ridiculous to dignify.

If there be a knitting/crocheting thing to help out, I’d gladly join in. Its something I’d do for anyone. Kids are our future and sure as hell shouldn’t be shunned based on someones opinion of their mother and, lets be honest, the greed of those standing in judgement.

Don’t bitch when no one is paying for your precious Social Security in a few years time and before you even dream of bitching at me, follow the directions times thirteen.


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