TEP – Day Six

After a day of fever and some Anti-eating, these are my credible stats. Now that I’m slowly adjusting my medication backward towards the 7pm hour [hence you not seeing it on here], I find that I’m sleeping during the evening as opposed to night like I was meant to. I don’t really care beyond missing appointments. I’m getting actual for really real sleep. Compared with a few hours of missed time, there’s really no debating it.

Food Units
64oz of tea with sugar. 4
64oz of tea on the wall…64oz of tea…oh, sorry. 64oz of tea, orange juice, and potato chips since my stomach is still weird. 6
two bites of spaghetti with veggie sauce and… a 32oz cup of tea. 7
Total: 17

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

I’m going to be getting in a good workout tomorrow [a few hours from now] what with all the walking from shopping I’m going to be doing. Hopefully, the Library will have the two DVDs that have been on hold since the beginning of Time and I’ll be able to work through this series without the sizable gap.

Oh yeah. I decimated Bookback Mountain. It’s now shelved on the top part of this desk. This desk was meant to have an over shelf but I’ll be damned if I have this thing over me unsupported. So, instead, I use it for a standalone shelf/bookcase and put it in the corner of my room. Lucky for me, all the books fit within it and as far as what didn’t, a little improvisation with a cardboard box soon solved the problem for me.

Once I clear my closet out and get rid of the excess crud, I’ll be able to move this folding ‘Directors’ chair over to the corner on the other side of the sewing machine. Through no fault of my own, everything in this room matches except for The Rolling Stand. That is going to be rolled under the sewing machine table or in the corner next to the computer desk to make extra space until I need it for something.

Now I go to do more Anti-eating before knitting my mother some fingerless gloves to tide her over in the cold until I can make a good pair. I’ve been too dizzy to do much else. Heck, I might be too dizzy to even do that. If I find myself unable to focus on the physical properties of knitting, I can always work on the academic by following the patterns for knitting and crocheting that I now seem able to discern as though someone poured the knowledge in my head.


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