Sew Much Stuff and So Little Time

I couldn’t have put this one better myself.

Between doing the updates on the Fitness blog and scouring the Internet for links to links to more links regarding sewing, knitting, and crocheting, I am just about at the end of it all. Its been a while since I’ve slept and I think it may be a good idea considering the drought at which I now forebear sufferance.

Sorry, just got finished looking at Sense and Sensibility…wait…such cool clothes…

Just think it, Col. Brandons hat, boots, waistcoat, and pants only with a longer tail and a fuller breast. Certainly, the hat is a must…


Next thing you’ll see is me practically diving into the latest Shukronline catalogue

*shakes head clear*

I will say this. Any woman or Gay man who takes one look at David Morrissey and doesn’t do at least a double take is the biggest Lesbian on the planet. T’hell with that, he/she’s practically non-responsive with no hope for survival.


2 thoughts on “Sew Much Stuff and So Little Time

  1. LOL, thanks for linking me. I’ve just been scouring crochet links! too funny. I love the movie Sense and Sensibility!!!
    Anyway thanks again, I hope you get some sleep! 🙂


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