Late Lunch and Working

I probably shouldn’t be doing this but I’m currently eating a late lunch [first naughty] while working on a time consuming task [second naughty].

Ah well, at least the food is healthy. I’m eating a measured out amount [12oz] of Salsa with tortilla chips, three cubes of marbled Monterrey jack/Colby cheese, a 16oz cup of Soy Milk, half a tomato spread out between a turkey and cheese sandwich with mustard and the remains of said tomato. In addition to that, I’ll be having, at most, around 8oz of non-fat yogurt.

For the record, this is a really big meal for me. I usually eat much less. I’m guessing that’s going to have to change now though. I’ll have to eat larger meals than I’m used to on a regular basis. Harumph.

Come to think on it, I should probably schedule regular meal times. I’ve been known to go days without food and, when I did finally eat, eat at odd hours to assuage what little appetite I had. I know that’s not good.

I’ll make it up to myself with a measured workout while watching Judge Alex and Divorce Court this evening. That’s around four hours of activity there.

And after that, Knitting. I’ve been slacking of late.


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