TEP – Daily Health Update v3 Entry One

This is the first Daily Health Update done via this new blog. Hopefully, no further issues will occur which will interfere with my keeping up with this goal. Also, it’s my hope that in keeping this blog, I’ll have more positive results than writing them out by hand has done thus far.

As with most of my writings online, this blog will be simulcast in some form via my Metablog.

Now, for the Tweet, Eat, Post update.

Food Units
non-fat vanilla yogurt, turkey and cheese sandwich with half a tomato, 16oz of chocolate soy milk, tortilla chips, and 12 oz of salsa 15
32oz of chocolate soy milk while wondering how i can get my twitter to show up on my wp.com blog as a badge 5
being honest, twenty minutes of light exercise while watching judge alex. not being used to food is weird. -3
medication and one slice of turkey. up until now, the times of these entries have not been reflective of consumption 2
5 slices of turkey, 3 cubes of cheese, 3oz salsa with chips, and 16oz soy milk. getting more done on the fitness blog 7
Total: 26

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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