TEP – Daily Health Update Entry Two

I got a bit more in exercise today but still not to the potential I feel I can acheive. I will go further tomorrow. I’m not going out though. The storms they be a’comin’ I’ll just be happy when the cold comes back. In the meantime, Wai Lana will be my friend. Yes, my dear, my friend.

Now for the stats, since I’m not eating or drinking anymore tonight beyond water. I am SO full right now LOL.

Food Units
bananananananananananananaaaaa. ok, that was just silly. 2
turkey sandwich with tomato and cheese, 16oz of chocolate soy milk 14
moderate exercise for one hour -7
36oz chocolate soy milk, 12 tortilla chips, turkey sandwich with cheese and tomato, and medication 28
slightly more than a moderate workout -10
Total: 27

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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