Admission and Dedications

Recently, with my declaration, I’ve found that a number of people surrounding me have felt it their obligation to buy me things they ‘thought they heard me ask for’. This has no basis in reality.

Take for example yesterday. I’ve been ill for the past few days and asked my mother to go to the supermarket. Being no fool, I gave her a short list with no more than six items. Most of which pertained to my, hopefully quick, recovery. This is where the simplistic swells into the ridiculous.

Six items totaling maybe 25.00USD total somehow ballooned into around 50.00USD of mostly junk food. I was flabberghasted, to say the least. Things like diet soda for her [ha ha ha], cookies, jelly and cream filled doughnuts, etc. along with [most of] the items I actually put on the list for me.

My actual list. Soy Milk, Orange Juice, Bread, Turkey, Cheese, and Hershey’s Kisses. How this inflated to include cookies, potato chips, sodas, beef hot dogs, and other things…

I accept my part in the consumption of the materials I ate yesterday. The jelly and cream filled doughnuts were an obvious naughty regarding my personal goals. I, thankfully, left the rest of it alone.

Even so, the ridiculous part in this is the excuse I got for the change in list items. Apparently, despite making out a paper list, I specifically ‘asked’ for all the other things. I believe the word used was ‘demanded’. I am about as likely to ‘demand’ snacks as I am to win the Triple Crown on the back of a mouse. I have only one word.


Despite my lack of weight change and when I’m not blown up from Edema [ha ha, like now], people are noticing a change in my body structure from exercising, watching what I eat, and other things. They are commenting positively on it and, as has happened in the past, food is coming out of the woodworks where before it was like getting blood from a stone. The good majority of this ‘food’ is in the form of snacks.

When pressed on the matter, I got an admission of guilt that I never did ask for any of the items actually bought and more to the point, the one item I did ask for was completely forgotten in the fray.

Not anymore.

I don’t care how sick I get from here on out. I am not taking one bite of food bought in that way for that purpose. I am sick of this. I am totally to blame for what I eat and I am never trusting anyone to do my food shopping again. For a while, this is going to be juice and water. I can’t get the cans open due to our can opener acting silly. I’m currently saving up for one of those ‘seal breaking’ models.

In the meantime…juice…tea…water…


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