Meal and Fitness Plan for 14 February 2009

My exercise and food plan for today. This will be accompanied by my exercising and Yoga. The numbers used are based on that silly WW point system. Kind of weird how some things are counted as higher than others but, there you go.

It was kind of weird a few months ago. Despite being what one would think is the most unhealthy food on the planet, a bag of smoked treats I got from ALDI registered as having absolutely no point value. Now consider…apple 1, one cup of orange juice 4, but an entire bag of highly fatty, highly salted treats…0 points. Weird.


Toasted Cheese on bread [Broiler baked]
2 slices Cheese 4
2 slices Bread 4
32oz Tea 0

8oz Orange Juice 2
4 Cookies 3


Salsa and Chips 0 and 3
8oz Soy Milk 2

1 Apple 1
8oz Orange Juice 2


Vegetable Soup 3
8oz Soy Milk 2

  1. One half hour of stretching.
  2. One half hour of aerobics [Wish I had my music…]
  3. One half hour of Yoga.
  4. Ten minute cooling off period

Until my health is back up to at least seventy five percent, I am not going to do the morning walk as I can barely make it up and down the stairs right now, let alone around a mile long route.

Now, to get to it. Yay.


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