TEP – Daily Health Update Entry Nine

So many snacks and so much restraint. It did also help that most of the stuff was not high in the calorie list. It also helped that I wasn’t hungry the entire day.

I am a bit nervous though. I got an e-mail to set an appointment up for another inpatient stay for the Weight Loss study I’m participating in. Despite my efforts, I’m not sure I’m losing. I can’t really tell lately what with all the edema going on. I’m going to workout extra hard over the next two weeks to see whether or not it might make a difference. It will be painful but I am both in high need of this study for health reasons and I like traveling there.

Muscles. Ouch. I think I’ll increase the time on the walk. I need the fresh air and it will be easier on my heart than extra aerobics, however light they may be.

My heart felt funny enough the other night that I’m more than a bit worried though. I’ve had it happen before and no one knows what it is but this time was the worst it’s been. I just hope it doesn’t happen again between now and my next appointment for med check.

In reading some of the side effects of the two medications I take, Depakote ER and Lamotrigine, I found a reference that pretty much said that I was at higher risk than normal of succumbing to something called ‘Sudden Death Syndrome’ [I mean, really, is there any other kind…] as well as problems with something called ‘Heart Block’ due to my dosage levels.


I’m going to discuss switching medications when I go in for my next appointment. I hate the idea of being thought of as a hypochondriac in this but, I’m being honest, what happened wasn’t fun at all.

Food Units
dark chocolate, snack treat sausages, tea, diced tomato, and tortilla chips, and yogurt 22
one hour light exercise and heavy chores muhahahaha…too much big bang theory -7
Total: 15

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

Now, to wander downstairs for the Diced tomatoes and tortilla chips with a big 32oz cup of nasty water chased up by a 32oz cup of yummy tea.. Yay.


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