TEP – Daily Health Update Entry Ten

Eventually, these titles are going to get to the point where I’m going to have to use numbers as opposed to written format…

I can thankfully say that the edema has gone down a bit. I can feel my feet again. That’s usually a good thing. I’m having to wear my socks and knitted slippers around the house to keep the pressure on my feet but, between the warmth of the multiple layers and, presumably, the tightness of both combined, I’m able to move around without much in the way of discomfort. I may have to knit a pair that come further up my legs than these.

I do feel colder than normal though. C’mon 12 March…

If there’s going to be any medication change, it will be the demise of the Lamotrigine. There’s way more risk in taking it than in taking the Depakote and, now that I’m taking the 200mg version, it’s sometimes hard to tell them apart given how close in color [and size] they are [in my eyes]. My list of objections is much longer but I don’t feel like boring the world with them.

At least with the Depakote, I get multiple benefits including no more migraines or kRaMpZ. I’m not stopping that even if it does mean I get less stabilization as a result.

As can be told from the postings over the past few days, I’ve been wolfing down the ‘Diced Tomatoes and Green Chiles’ a lot. It’s for a cause. I’m gradually cleansing myself of the carne stuff and, as of today, I feel like I can comfortably go back to at least a lacto-pesco-veg*n diet.

Lest anyone start complaining about why I don’t go all at once, I made that mistake three times in my life. One time had me so sick, they were ready to take me to hospital. Everyone is different and, for me, I’ve got to get off of it gradually.

Food Units
diced tomatoes and green chiles with tortilla chips, medication, and 96oz of tea. 4
all night knitting marathon. someone, after all this time, wants a commission from me. i have to finish the february project first. -3
Total: 1

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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