It’s stuff like this that makes me come within a worm silk of murdering people. No one should ever treat another human being like what this poor kid went through.

The Remarkable Transformation Of One Child
CBS Evening News: After Being Subjected To Unspeakable Abuse, Mia Was Nearly Lost

(CBS) “She bit, she scratched, she almost killed our dog,” said Sharon Behrens, who had cared for many foster children. But the little girl named Mia, who had been brutally abused by her parents, was unlike any other, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

“In a 24-hour period of time, she could scream as much as 12 hours,” Behrens said. “When she wasn’t screaming, she growled. And it was like an animal.”

Mia would scratch and cut herself. She’d spend much of the night crying.

“The level of terror, when the pediatrician saw her, the neurologist saw her, everyone said: ‘what in the world happened to this child?'” Behrens said.

According to Thom Snyder, the deputy district attorney of Kings County, Calif., the abuse Mia suffered was ritualistic — “Satanic in some way,” he said. [More]

She gives me hope for the future. I don’t know how anyone could ever consider a child a ‘throw away’, hence my stance on societal input [ie The Village mentality] in ensuring the development, safety, and positive parental reinforcement of a childs upbringing.

If only someone had been paying attention sooner, she might not have gone through this but, thankfully, she’s somehow managed to overcome the pain and anguish she so undeservedly suffered at the hands of her genetic contributors [they CANNOT be called Parents, they don’t deserve the title].

And then there’s this situation. Good grief, what a failure on every level.

British Girl Starves After Teeth Pulled
Dentists Removed All Of 8-Year-Old’s Baby Teeth Following Her Refusal Of Treatment

(AP) When 8-year-old Sophie Waller cracked a baby tooth eating candy, it set off a chain of events that led to her death.

Sophie had such a fear of dentists that she refused to open her mouth for examination, so doctors at her local hospital took out the tooth in an operation. One of the medical team told a coroner’s inquest that they removed all seven of her other baby teeth at the same time to avoid the need for future procedures.

After the surgery Sophie refused to eat or even open her mouth for her parents, the couple told the inquest. But she was sent home anyway, and starved to death three weeks after the operation. [More]

This situation is wholly unacceptable and I hope, but highly doubt, that everyone who failed in this situation gets, at the very least, censured.


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