Daily Tasks – My Fitness Regimine in Seven Points

These are the things in my normal morning routine when I’m well enough to actually do them.

Having them in my calendar is doing me no good because my calendar is unfortunately not open all the time owing to memory hogging, is not really effective while I don’t have speakers for the alarm system to wake me even if I could keep it running, and being computer based is easy to lose access of [thinking of the power failures we sometimes have here].

So, instead of putting in my calendar, I’ll list it all here so I can face it on a daily basis when I update this blog. Muahahahahaaa.

  1. Meditation – Meditate daily for mental well being.
  2. Yoga – Be sure to exercise your body as well as your mind by doing Yoga every morning.
  3. Walk – Take a short walk to build up cardiovascular strength and stretch your legs after a nights rest.
  4. Stretching – Be sure to stretch as much and as many ways as possible to ensure the safety of the workout.
  5. Aerobics – Be sure to dedicate at least half an hour to a moderate impact fitness regimine.
  6. Cool off period – Take a few moments to let your body rest by slowly decreasing your activity level.
  7. Clean off – Hit the shower, brush teeth, and otherwise prepare for the day.

In addition to the stuff above, I’m tacking on three extra walks throughout the day because with the edema and other illnesses I’ve been getting lately, I want to get as much of a workout in when I can. I will give the first one today a trial run but, if it works out for me, I’ll also increase the walking time by half an hour and ease into the rest of them over time.


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