Rice as Means with Dried Black Beans

I know exactly how this feels.

Use it up, move it out.

Having “extra” only makes me feel good when I’m scared. Having “extra” when I’m feeling inclined to trust the Universe really weighs me down. [More]

I really never brought the thought of this to the forefront but I do feel stressed out about the clutter in my life. Some stuff, I’m still carting around from five years ago with no need for it except that little voice in the back of my head whispering ‘What if…’

‘What if…’ indeed.

It’s almost time for Knit and Crochet Today. After watching that and my walk to the Supermarket, I’m really going to go through some of the things, especially in my cupboards, I might be able to toss off. If I can’t use it up within an as yet undetermined amount of time, then it’s going out the door to make way for something new.

I know storing grains for hard times has been done from time immemorial but five year old barley…eep.

Growth. It’s all about the growth. Social, emotional, etc. It’s the best way on the path to being healthy.


2 thoughts on “Rice as Means with Dried Black Beans

  1. “If I can’t use it up … then it’s going out the door to make way for something new.”

    Empty space can be a wonderful “something new” to put in the space of the old clutter. 🙂


  2. Hi, thanks for your comments.

    This is true.

    My plan for the black beans is to turn them into veggie burgers as soon as I get all the other ingredients. That way, I can freeze them for a healthy alternative to the nasty chemical ichor they serve at the local fast food establishments.

    The rice is going to my aunt, and the barley may go into making a homebrew or something I can use for cooking in a few months. Ironically, I have been told I make good stuff but I don’t drink so I’ll most likely never know. Go figure… *shrug*

    Either way, I’m determined to utilize the space currently cluttered by either clearing it out completely or, at the very least, putting something I’m actually going to use in it like Granola or something.


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