TEP – Daily Health Update Entry Thirteen

I’m feeling pretty depressed right now. For a while, I may only be doing the TEP – DHUs.

I don’t know which sucks more. The Bipolar Disorder symptoms or the people who think that I’m somehow ‘faking’ to get attention. Considering I’ve been in my room most of the day, it’s a pretty weird assumption.

I can certainly see their side of things in this. How can they possibly be cognizant of an illness that they’ve never had? It’s like explaining the feeling of getting Smallpox to anyone who was born after 1980 or explaining the difference of a temperate region to someone who has never experienced such weather. There isn’t a basis for comparison. No frame of reference.

I have tried too. I’ll say that I feel really sad and they’ll reply that everyone feels like that ‘once in a while’. When I counter that this isn’t the usual ‘sad’ and try to elaborate, I usually use the descriptive of the Dementors from the HP series of books. I’ll tell them that it’s like being trapped in Azkaban with no hope of escape surrounded by a heavy guard of Dementors all focused on me at once.

I’m eternally grateful to J. K. Rowling for writing those books because, before GOF, I had nothing even close to describing it. I just wish she’d publish a Patronus charm or two to go along with the books. *snert*

Some get that, but only some. Most, including people who avoid reading Lady Rowlings works on religious/philisophical etc grounds are still often left clueless. Such is the case with a lot of people surrounding me in that they’re convinced that the Devil or somesuch is going to jump right out of the books to get them if they so much as glance at them. I know…I know.

Anyway, that’s enough whining. I need to go to the market tomorrow too for some real edibles. Potato Chips are not food and are conducive to staying healthy.

Food Units
sweet potatoes, potato chips, medication, and 32oz of tea 11
Total: 11

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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