DC 101 Isn’t Fair

It’s just not fair.

I normally don’t listen to radio unless there’s an emergency or something because, lets face it, the options in Baltimore for good music are somewhat limited. I’d pretty much given up on the notion of a good station that consistently played great music. Radio out. MP3s and Streams in for the most part.

Enter my move to a location outside the 695, at the top of a hill, and directly in line of fire of Southern MD/Northern VA/Washington DC signals both TV and Radio. Even with this, I hadn’t had a radio for a while and it wasn’t until a neighbor gave me her TV/CD/Radio/Karaoke machine when she moved that I even breezed through the stations to mark the front panel [it’s a analog Dial type] for ‘listening’ and ‘viewing’ zones.

Even then, I didn’t really ‘listen’ until today. By pure happenstance, I tuned into DC 101 due to its location on the channel dial being close to the TV station I had been anti-watching. I have been listening [non-stop] since about Noon. I need to PEE but I’m afraid to miss a song. The music is that good.

. . . h e l p m e . . .



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