What In The Hell…

Let me get this straight.

If a woman or girl –

  • Grows her hair long.
  • Acts like a complete idiot.
  • Acts like a complete bimbo.
  • Dresses flamboyantly by the standards of society.
  • Doesn’t ‘hang out’ with the people society thinks she should hang out with.

She’s unacceptible.

If a woman or girl –

  • Cuts her hair short.
  • Has a modicum of intellectual ability.
  • Acts with composure, dignity, and respect for herself.
  • Dresses conservatively by the standards of society.
  • Hangs out with people who are not only good but are culturally enriching.

She’s unacceptible.

Make up your fucking minds already. *donation*

First, I see the idolatry over people like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and others to the point where they have babies, BABIES, going around in halter tops, heavy make up and hot pants to the encouragement of adults because they ‘think its cute’. I weep for these kids because I know damn well [*donation*] that no four year old is literally going out of their way to look this stuff up. That’s so-called ‘adult’ pressure on a child to conform to the mandated standards a consumerist society sets in place for what they believe to be ‘feminine beauty’. It’s a hollow definition at best. It’s a cultural vacuum.

Let someone, like this girl, actually academically do ‘the right thing’ by making an effort to learn, showing off her intellectual prowess, and accomplishing something without flashing her tits and hoohaa on camera like it’s Mardi Gras or Girls Gone Wild and people are pouncing on her like she went to Caffa and singlehandedly brought about the spread of The Black Death…

WTF…What in the hell is wrong with people. *donation*

People should be begging, BEGGING, for their daughters to be this motivated. They should show pride when their daughters [and sons] show such a high level of intelligence and interest in academics.

If she were a guy, we wouldn’t have heard crap about this. What a disgusting double standard.

I’m not speechless but I’m so filled with rage that, if I go any further on this post, I’ll need to take out a loan for The Watercooler Bank Bottle of Destruction. Lennon was right…

Follow the rules times fifty before you bitch [*donation*] at me.


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