TEP – Daily Health Update Entry Sixteen

This is the update for yesterday [24 Febbruary 2009].

Ha ha ha. My reasons for missing yesterday are actually valid and not related to illness for a change. The contractor came yesterday and assessed the problems with the floors. Since my computer is directly over one of the problem spots, I deconstructed it and [foolishly] put it in an inaccessible corner of my room. I honestly thought he’d be back after a half an hour like he said but…he didn’t come back.

I hope he’s ok.

Suffice it to say I initially thought that my computer was stuck in a corner. It was only this morning that I bellycrawled through a small [and I mean small] void between my desk and sewing machine table to get my computer and associated parts. You would have thought I was involved in guerrilla warfare. I dragged even the seventy odd pound monitor through this void somehow. Between that and my channeling of Ally McBeal yesterday, I managed to knock off a few more pounds. I didn’t weigh myself this morning but, as of yesterday, I’m now at 238lbs since Saturday.

And now for something completely different…

Food Units
sweet potatoes 4
dancing to jack johnson on dc 101 -3
i’m not stopping until the next commercial
danced like crazy for more than an hour -20
two homemade oat bran and kidney bean veggie burgers cooked in a Tbsp of olive oil and saurkraut 8
Total: -11

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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