The Knitters Dance

Imagine me, if you will, doing my very best impression of the quickest knitter on Earth. I am knitting to the tune of the Sabre Dance and my fingers are flying to the point where flames and sparks rise from my work.

This will be me.

I tore this room down and back up again in the name of repairs and inspection over the past few weeks, much to the neglect of The February Project. I have less than two days to finish a hat and scarf for my mother. Tick tock.

I have books and DVDs due to the Library today but, owing to that same inspection, I cannot get there. Thankfully, it’s not a lot of DVDs or books but still, the fine will be something I’d prefer not to have either on my record nor out of my pocket.

I do have one thing going for me today though. A nice dreary Bronte weather situation. The day is dreary, rainy, chilly, cool. The clouds are dark with the [promise] threat of something more than the light drizzle coming down at present. A full on deluge from the skies rather than this light sprinkle. The breeze holds the last blustery gasp of Winter and its mighty power as it shows that, though Spring is coming, it still has a power all its own and won’t be rushed into moving along for the comfort and benefit of those that shun its existence in the hopes of warmer seasons.

Nice weather. Yeah. Me like Winter. And Autumn.

For right now though, I’m resting between bouts of ecstacy with my makeshift bookcase. I’ve got all the books loaded except three [that I’m hoping to sell] and now all I have to do is load the CDs [also hoping to sell] back into their spot.

Heck, I’ve even got the TV/Karaoke/Cassette/CD Player up on my old concrete and steel desks chair.

Oh, by the way. I’m down to 234lbs. Ha.


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