My Throat Hurts

I screamed so much for Oleg Prudius/Vladimir Kozlov [More, more, and more] last night in his match with The Undertaker. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as much an Undertaker fan as the next Phenom lover but I was really pushing for OP. Couldn’t help it. The guy just gets to you.

Anyway, I’m just glad he won. My poor neighbors are probably sick of hearing me scream out ‘C’mon Oleg, you can do this!’ over and over.

I did also like the look of ‘WTF JUST HAPPENED?!‘ on Takers face once the match was over LOL. Pure talent.

Now, to breakfast and then to tackle this scarf, hat, and gloves for The Maternal Parental. My fingers may not be here for a while. To February!


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