Oh Chortle, Chortle For Heat

Normally, when we get an inordinately high bill, I’m inclined to chalk it up to the Maternal Parentals disregard for the concept of conservation, thrift, and prudence.

This time though, its on BGE. Ours was just under 700.00USD for two people in a bilevel with neighbors on both sides and electricity as the primary energy source.

They had the audacity to come on television and blame their recent bill increase on ‘the long school holiday, new big electronic purchases consumers made, and an unusually cold winter climate’. Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. 100% Bullshit. So much so, that I could probably meet my energy needs for the next five years on the billowing gas emanating from the trash they’re talking alone with some left over to spare.

You’re talking to Miss ‘Lights and anything not in use off right now because I’m the Empress of Cheap Bastardness’ so anything I hear like that is going to sound not quite right. With the exception of two telephones [not on BGEs power, Comcraps contraption [is on their power], and the Digital converter box, there haven’t been any new electronic purchases to this house in the past year. I’ll be damned if I’m going to buy a flatscreen television as tall as I am with money I don’t have or anything else even half as ridiculous.

Everything that is here is energy star compliant, gets turned off when not in the room [save my computer tower due to BOINC], and we’re at the point where we’re more dressed up for cold weather when inside than when outside. I’ve also purchased those new lower wattage bulbs to help lower the costs of burning lights even further. Southern facing curtains open during warm daylight hours, northern closed at all times. Windows sealed. All of it.

I even go so far as to stay in the upper level of my home if at all possible because it’s almost always warmer up here due to more sunlight coming into my room and the premise of warm air being pushed up by cold.

Given also that we’ve had the electronic things we do have for longer than the span of time of this most recent bill only lends credibility to the notion that whoever calculated the bill rate is out of their minds, on some new street drug, or a combination thereof.

If it had just been us, I would have been less inclined to blog about this but on seeing the news, I now know for sure that something is up and its on BGE. [More, more, more, more, more, and more]

2, 4, 6, 8. Can we say Re-reg-u-late?

Something hinky is going on. Something seriously needs to be done about it. It almost seems like BGE knew that truly cold Winter temperatures were almost over, so they stuck people with a last grab high bill under the pretense of ‘overusage’.

I’m going to make a few thick quilts on my 36” circs with the junk yarn I’ve been saving up. They should be done within a few weeks and will definitely be on hand by next Winter. Just to be on the safe side. Plus, whether she wants to or not, the Maternal Parental is making squares or something via either knitting or crocheting. I cannot do all of this by myself and a few 12” by 12” squares is hardly asking for a wall tapestry.

If this all gets any worse, I’m going to go somewhere between MacGuyver and Old Order Amish and just have done with it.


4 thoughts on “Oh Chortle, Chortle For Heat

  1. Starting to…

    I’ve been in loathe mode over them for a while now LOL.

    I was joking with The Maternal Parental that everyone affected should form a Knit and Crochet group so we could make our own protection against the cold in order to give a big ‘two fingers salute’ to Constellation by this time next year.

    Then again, perhaps it’s not such a bad idea after all…hmmm.

    Thanks for your comments!


    • I certainly hope so. I’ve been in the habit of turning the heat on for five to ten minutes and then cutting it off once the upstairs is warm.

      Even then, I’m still more worried about The Maternal Parental. She’s almost seventy years old with all the health problems associated with that. The last thing she needs is a freezing cold house. I can take it but she can’t.

      Another reason I’m angry at the ‘explaination’ BGE gave concerning rate usage. I also saw a letter to the editor on the Baltimore Sun website where a guy had Oil heat and hot water but also got a huge jump in his bill. I’d like to know how they explain cases like that. If a light bulb is now draining that much energy…

      One thing is for sure, my joke is no longer a joke, I am knitting [and as soon as I learn crocheting] stuff to be ready by next year. I hope they lose a lot of money as I’m already in a pair of really warm slippers and its making quite a difference… *evil grin*


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