No Verification, No Dice

Don’t ever piss me off.

The CBE Group persons of questionable intelligence called again today after specifically being told not to call this number until they were willing to verify the debt they claim is owed. Broke the law. Broke the law. Broke the law.

The condescending bastard had the audacity to claim that the FEDERAL law was not applicable to him and that he had the ‘OK’ of the BBB to do what he was doing in trying to, again, call to get my parentals account information despite, as earlier stated, being told not to call. And they call me mental…

He further said that he did not want to exchange certified mail as proof of verification of the debt. Nice try. I want PROOF since it covers everyone and is not just an ‘Us against Them’ situation. What reason would a corporation have to fight such a suggestion since it protects THEM legally if they’re actually doing the upstanding thing. Now if you’re being shifty…

When asked for a further [hell, not even certified since we never got the first one] verification of the debt [given that they probably never sent the first one in the first place], they claimed that they didn’t have to send it and that the verification came when they sent it regardless of whether or not we actually got it.

Congratulations. You pissed me off. You’re going down.

An e-mail [guess this option is out as seen via their site, damn it.] is going out in twenty minutes to The CBE Group requesting that any further communication between this residence and their corporation is via either Certified Mail or E-mail. In addition to this, a Certified letter is going out first thing tomorrow requesting the same thing. I want a paper trail that can’t be denied when I call them out on their crap.

Given that we never got a letter, I’m going to call the 800 number to find out who exactly I’d be sending the Certified letter to. In addition to that, and to be on the safe side, I’m readying a C-letter to send regardless of whether I get a specific name.

See what happens then. *gerbil growl*


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