The Talented Maternal Parental

Ok, this is just wrong. If the Maternal Parental had blonde hair, I’d think she was Matt Damon.

To save energy costs, water, etc I did the household laundry in one load. Both our loads didn’t justify two cycles, so I just combined them for efficiency.

Good plan. Not.

The Maternal Parental comes back from an early appointment and I see that she’s got my socks on. Me being finicky, I’m understandably peeved. I normally don’t even share T-shirts, let alone something as intimate as a sock. So, you can guess where this is going.

I ask what possessed her to put my socks on when hers were clearly visible at the top of the laundry just waiting for her and she replied that she ‘thought I wanted her to wear them’.

Wait for it…

I then asked her if she ‘thought’ she should wear my underwear since they were in the laundry too and she said ‘Yeah, I thought you put them out for me’.


Why in the living hell would I put out my underwear for ANYONE aside from ME to wear…


On top of the fact that we’re about four sizes apart. On top of the fact that it is practically public knowledge that I’m paranoid [at best] about my underwear. We’re not talking ‘gossip’ public knowledge, we’re talking ‘big flashing lights billboard in the middle of Time Square on New Years Eve’ public knowledge.

She then had the nerve to offer all the stuff back like it somehow didn’t matter that someone else had been in my clothes. Not just ‘clothes’ but socks and underwear.

I don’t want them back. dontwanthemback. No. I wouldn’t even share u-wear with a ‘me’ from an alternate reality.

So, I am now looking up my nice things and shopping for replacements I cannot even begin to afford right now. *grumpy gerbil growl*

At the end of the day, I think it was that. My things are nice. I do my best not to buy ‘tropical bright tube bloomers’ and some people in my life get seething jealousy over my choice of clothing. None of it is expensive but it is good quality and I take good care of it.

Tough titty. Thieving is still wrong.

Oh screw it all. I’m going to do my hair and then some knitting.


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