TEP – Daily Health Update Entry Twenty Eight

Despite not working out an inch today, I somehow managed to lose two pounds before gaining it right back. If not for the recommendation of the Medical Study I’m a part of, I almost wouldn’t look at the scale except once a month. It’s highly discouraging to see a gain even knowing that it’s due to fluid retention.

At least it’s going down some and I can breathe better again. If it had gotten any worse, I would have been typing this from a hospital bed on their [hopefully] Free Wi-Fi. As it stands, I’m heading down to Bethesda this week regardless. My only two hopes are that, by some odd occurance I lose all the fluid weight I’ve gained and, if I don’t and get any more ill while there, I get to go to the Naval Hospital. Ha ha ha.

Life is, after all, full of experiences. The positive is to embrace the good ones and come out on top for the bad.

Food Units
silk very vanilla soy milk is yummy.
orange juice, yogurt, turkey sandwich with tomatoes, mary janes, jelly doughnut, cream cheese, cheese, soy milk, and mustard 25
Total: 25

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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