Cough Cough Wheeze Wheeze

Can someone get this flooding please…

Lovely how mold triggers the allergies and asthma.

I don’t know which is going to be more amusing. The cool damp air fostering the growth of the mold or the warm moist air fostering its rapid growth. Perhaps I should get into cheese making after all…

I’ve got quite a few environments going on here. Cool, warm, light, dark, and everything in between. Bleu cheese in the livingroom, parmesan in the kitchen, etc. Ricotta and Feta in the pantry cupboard.

At least the water sucker uppers are here. What good that’s going to do beyond drying it somewhat is beyond me, but its better than having the possibility of Swamp Thing making an appearance downstairs…or the kith of Cthulhu popping up when the lights are low.

I saw one guy with a knife. Hopefully its the beginning of the end of the downstairs carpet and the installation of a nice new one or, even better, the nullification of it altogether. I find carpet highly disagreeable, especially in the downstairs due to traffic issues. Give me a nice solid floor any day.

They’ve been here since a little after 4pm and…they’re still working with no sign of stopping…

Told you it was bad.

So far, my mother hasn’t made ‘marriage matchmaking’ overtures. Thankfully…


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