TEP – Daily Health Update Entry Twenty Nine

Mold and mold and…anyone with a penicillin allergy avoid me at all costs. Asturian cheesemakers and fromage lovers on the other hand, come on down…

I may have to let the study people know about my predicament. I don’t know anyones health history in the study and I don’t want to inadvertanly trigger their allergies. Goodness knows, my asthma and allergies are trying to rear their ugly heads right now from whatever is having a toga party downstairs.

Oh yeah, I posted stuff about this on my other blog.

Short history – the leak of no source in the downstairs bathroom came back with a vengeance. Only this time, it didn’t stop at that one corner but decided to migrate throughout the kitchen/dining area and all the way to the front door on the other side. Two rooms [including the hall closet], 150sq feet [est] of carpet. Oh yeah. This is on top of previous mold loving flooding incidents that were sucked up.

I love it when contractors see stuff and start freaking out. They worry so much about getting sued, that the job actually gets done. They’re coming back on Wednesday to replace the padding [which was FUBAR], and clean the carpet. In the meantime, I’ve got to clean my rug out and vacuum it before they come so it’ll be dry in time for their re-installation. It was the only thing that protected the coffee table from the flood of water. I’m so glad I put that thing down.

Needless to say, it was quite a workout. And now to the stats.

Food Units
orange juice, turkey sandwich, tomatoes, mustard, cream cheese, and cheese, yogurt, soy milk, mary janes, tootsie rolls, medication 16
race to save the formica…furniture that is. the whole carpet flooded and i alone moved all the stuff to keep it dry. yay. not. -10
Total: 6

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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