TEP – Daily Health Update Entry Thirty One

Nice. Really nice.

I am not going to give recognition to the negativity happening with my body after this post. There seems to be no point in doing it.

Right now, I am swollen to the point of pain due to Edema. My legs feel like water balloons and other parts of me feel like they’re not that far behind.

I have what is sure to be my last trip for this study tomorrow for a weigh in. Given that my previous stated weights are accurate, my saying that I’m now close to 260lbs should say something about how much I’m actually swelling up.

Regardless of my weight tomorrow, I am going. I like the trip and enjoy just getting away from ‘Baltimore’ for a while. It’s nice having exposure to a different metropolitan area.

Short of my body requiring immediate medical condition, I am going to Bethesda. Plus, ha ha, if I go and something does happen, I’ll finally get a chance to see the Naval Hospital. *looks down humorously at quickly swelling feet, ankles, and lower legs*

One positive note. I avoided an act of sabotage altogether earlier today. It was more due to this weighty depression over the edema than anything but The Maternal Parental came home teaming with potato chips and Munchos. I just wasn’t interested.

Thats enough bleak. From here on out, more positive.

Food Units
turkey sandwich, cheese, yogurt, raisin bran, grapes. wonders why the edema chose the day before my weigh in to flare up like crazy 18
Total: 18

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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