Cheap Cheap Cheap…

It’s so sweet. All the little birdies are learning to use their wings.

Okay, that sounded pathetic.

Seriously, it’s nice reading articles like this one on the SFGate about frugality and people finally taking saving more seriously. I especially loved the bit about Lentils. I love Lentils.

My suggestion now is the same as its been in the past; consider widening the scope of what’s considered food and grow your own in a container or garden if you’ve got the space.

It’s usually about 1.69USD for a pound of tomatoes at the supermarket but how many do you get out of a pack of 2.50USD seeds? Especially *cough cough* Seeds of Change…and no, I don’t work for them. They’re just that good. If they’d like to throw seeds or yarn at me though…I wouldn’t be opposed. No, seriously, I wouldn’t…LOL

Another thing to do is to reuse your fabric for other things once your clothes wear away. I saw some people on a show called Sew Young, Sew Fun turning worn out jeans into purses, jackets, and overnight bags.

Speaking of…I’ve got some fabric and fabric scraps downstairs I have to go through. I predict some…interesting and unique fashions on me this warm weather season. Either that or a rather unique series of quilts right in time to screw with BGEs psychotic pricing structure.


I just hope my old school still has [and lets me use] their Serger. I want my stuff to last. Otherwise…it’ll be stitch city.

All call if someone can tell me how to make a [really] sturdy stitch on a Singer 301a for most fabrics. Otherwise, some of this fabric is going up for sale on Craigslist, Kijiji, and Oodle.


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