Conviction Hinges on AOL IM ‘Away’ Message

I don’t know a thing about this case beyond what I’m reading in online articles and in the appeal transcript. I just came across it this morning while searching up news on a completely unrelated raid in DC due to a mention I saw on one of DCs local stations [More].

As such, I cannot even begin to comment on the credibility or veracity of anyones claim in this news article beyond the fact that, in the case of a minor child making such allegations [or having been witnessed in suffering abuse…WTF] it stands to reason to give their story the benefit of the doubt.

Now, anyone on earth who has EVER regularly used a messenger service knows about the ‘Auto login’ issue with some messengers. If its activated, it essentially gives full access of the friends list to whomever loads it. How and why that simple logic doesn’t get through the heads of anyone is beyond me.

Given the nature of the allegations, it wouldn’t be surprising for someone being accused who [on finding they had this potential access] to then put this message up to do just what appears to have happened, give probable reasonable doubt as to the claimants credibility in the eyes of the law and the public.

There are at least two stated cases with a similar M.O. being mentioned and given that both cases involved juveniles one would think that this would be taken into account.

Probably one of the most disturbing aspects of this is the allegation that what was obviously, at the least, statetory rape and, at most, sexual assault was witnessed and not only not reported but turned around on the victim.

Another [disturbing] aspect would be if the mother of the victim chose the defendant over her own daughter.

Just one more situation that gives credence to ensuring the protection of online data and personal information stored on a computer. It also gives credence to the notion of questioning everything rather than automatically siding with one side as in the original abuse allegation. A lot of problems would not have occured had the original situation been questioned.

Police Blotter: Conviction hinges on AOL IM ‘away’ message

by Declan McCullagh

What: California man accused of molesting his stepdaughter says her AOL “away” message calls her credibility into question.

Outcome: Conviction upheld on February 26. [More]


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