TEP – Daily Health Update Entry Thirty Two

This entry is for 12 March 2009.

I am very tired and I’ve been picking through the bad experiences today for positive experiences.

The edema was ever prevalent but, despite missing my appointment, I think I avoided a lot of pain from bloating due to my having to, ironically, walk around so much. Traveling to Penn Station, I’d missed the MARC Baltimore to DC train by three minutes but I did manage to get a message to my appointment.

Then I traveled down to BWI in the hopes of catching the shuttle bus to Bethesda and, while I missed that too, I did manage to see ‘The Mega Plane‘. I saw a huge parked plane moderately up close. Heck, I could have been two miles off and that thing would still have been huge. Awesome.

When I weighed myself Wednesday night, I was 261lbs. By Thursday morning prior to my leaving home, I was 255lbs. As of a few hours ago, I was 245lbs. I feel that, more than anything, this is proof positive of my issue with fluid retention. Given the recent loss, my hope is that, by Saturday, I’ll be back down to the original 233lbs or lower.

In moving around, I did manage to aggravate the Plantar Fasciitis injury but, thankfully, I was [by that point] at Old Court Metro Station and, despite missing a bus that came out of nowhere, was there at the right time to catch another that came less than twenty minutes later.

There were a variety of other things that happened which were positive things in my day but I don’t want to go on and on.

Now, to this.

Food Units
chicken strips, cheese, turkey, and yogurt 15
traveled from home to Penn station to BWI and back. aggravated my plantar fasciitis injury to the point of tears. -10
Total: 5

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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