Angioedema and Me

I talked with the emergency call doctor at CB and he seems to think that whatever this is going on with me sounds like Angioedema. He also thinks that it may be caused the Lamotrigine [Yay] and that I should go down to 100mg until I can get in to see my regular p-doc.

In the meantime, he suggested I talk with my PCP about getting some diuretics for all this extra fluid I’m carrying around.

Once I got off the phone with him, I threw one at the GEIO Study to see how this might affect my participation. I’m guessing that there’s going to be a problem and, given that, I’m sad about it. Those are really cool people working there and, if I should lose my position, I’m going miss them.

Other than that, my day’s going well. I’m currently planning out a meal table for the week and I’m keeping well hydrated…ironically.


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