Angioedema vs Anasarca

I took the liberty of researching online as a [paranoid] backup to what I was told on the telephone yesterday afternoon.

It seems that things are not as they should be.

The definition for ‘Angioedema’ doesn’t even remotely fit with what has been happening with me. Unless there has been a massive shift in medical terminology that Google has yet to catch up with. However, my symptoms do seem to mirror another type of edema called ‘Anasarca’. In looking at the pictures, I would say that they mirror exactly but I’m going to wait for my PCPs diagnosis on that one.

I’ll be glad to see my PCP to resolve this but, with the way I’m feeling, I might see an emergency room doctor before I see her. I hate hospitals. Correction – I find anything without an immediate exit strategy distasteful.

Positive aspect in this – I second guessed a clinical diagnosis and discovered how off it was. This may well have kept me from doing something more detrimental to my health given the differences in treatment/alleviation of symptoms.

The, sadly, Negative aspect – The Depakote is back on the table to possibly be axed. Both medications affect the function of organs that may be affected which would [possibly] cause the symptoms I’ve been having.

I’ll, hopefully, know more in a few hours.


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