TEP – Daily Health Update Entry Thirty Six

This entry is for 16 March 2009.

I left in the ‘Raisin Brain’ bit because it made me laugh this morning by reminding me of my ninth grade biology teacher. He used to call us all ‘turtle brains’.

Still had issues with Edema [I’m sounding like a broken record/skipped CD] but the telephone call I got earlier has given me some hope that this will hopefully be resolved and soon.

Another more interesting aspect of this is whether I’ll go down to my 7 March 2009 weight once I’m prescribed diuretics and eventually weaned off of the Lamotrigine. I haven’t been eating enough to justify a weight gain or even a balance. It makes me wonder whether I’m going to just ‘drain’ like a punctured balloon or if I’m going to have to sweat it off over time.

My struggling heaving lungs and otherwise overtaxed waterlogged body wish for the former but the sane and safe health practices alarm in me wishes for whichever is the better option for my overall health.

Food Units
eggs, cheese, diced tomatoes and green chiles, tortilla chips and 64oz of tea. 11
*singsong* talked to the doctor…gettin’ diuretics…stupid lamictal…drowning in edema…laa laa lamictal. ok, that was talentless.
raisin brain that suspiciously tasted like potting soil, cheese, and fish. breakfast of champions. 12
Total: 23

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


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