Backlogged But Better

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been so ill that I was fully prepared to check myself into hospital. Considering how much of a hospital-phobe I am, that’s saying something right there. It was scary.

Thankfully, within this past week, I was given medication to alleviate some of the symptoms troubling me and was taken off of other medications which may have been making me ill. This has resulted in an increase in energy and considerable decrease in bodily swelling from edema as I’d been suffering from prior.

In all honesty, I am late for both The February and March Projects but, as long as I am healthy, I do not care. There are more important things in life than freaking out about a knitting goal. I’ll be happy if I can catch up during this upcoming month and, possibly, also complete a project for April but I am not going to freak out if I don’t. After what happened to me, my priorities shifted and big time.

So, The February Project is still on the needles. The March Project is still an inkling in my head, and for ambitions sake, I’m hoping for The April Project to be something nice and slightly more complicated than I’ve been doing lately. If none of it gets caught up until June or later, it’s not the end of the world. My health is far more important.


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