Dragon Lady Strikes Again

I am the only fully suspicious person living at this residence.

Someone came knocking at the door today. A man. A strange man. An insurance man. At least he said he was. He could have been The Night Stalker and The Maternal Parental would have let him in.

When I heard someone introduce themselves, I immediately became suspicious.

This person started throwing a line on my mother about signing her up for the policy she’d asked for and…despite all the discussions we’ve had about strangers, all the discussions about scams and personal information; she let the guy in.

He had no clue that I was upstairs as he kept giving her this confusing sales pitch that sounded straight out of Bullshit Stadium and seemed genuinely shocked when someone called down to speak with the Maternal Parental privately.

Being no fool, I asked for information to be left explaining in detail what it was he was selling and stated that, if we were interested, we’d contact him. Not wanting to miss out on a sale, he immediately wanted to ‘convince’ me as well to the efficacy of his scam sales pitch by asking my mother to ask me to come downstairs. Bad move.

No verification, no dice. If you can’t do something as simple as leave a brochure outlining what you’re offering then GTF out of my home. I could have been naked and still come down there and told him off about that one but I gave him a respectable out which he chose not to take.

Once he realized he’d lost out on a sale, he got pissed and left. Good for you, you rotten little scam artist.

On asking about just how this guy got the filled out post card my mother sent, I found out that someone with his organization had used deceptive advertisement practices. The Maternal Parental thought they had come recommended by Social Security [yeah, I know] because of what must have been written on the envelope.

Hey, shit may be brown but putting icing and candles on it doesn’t make it a chocolate cake. People need to stop trusting in this crap and get a drachma of cynicism about these things.

I really don’t know which is more sad. The fact that there are people out there who take advantage of the good faith of naive people out there who trust in things they consider formidible and inviolable like religion, government, etc. or the fact that you have to be suspicious of all comers in the first place no thanks to those self same shifty people.

So, I guess I’m slowly filling into my moniker of ‘Dragon Lady‘. I do and don’t feel sorry for the guy. It’s kind of funny to see someone getting taken to task on their scams but, at the same time, it was kind of pitiful to see a grown man acting like a scolded child trying to keep a stiff upper lip over not immediately making a sale.

And with that, it’s his own fault. If he’s not running a scam [or participant in one], why didn’t he leave a brochure? Heck, even a passable scam artist usually carries a few brochures to lend credibility to the con job they’re running.

Now, I’m going to go to the Federal Citizen Information Center for some more anti-scam brochures for The Maternal Parental before getting some knitting done in for today. Then tomorrow is a feast of Doctor Who [Eccleston], A Depardieu movie called Battle of the Brave [French language studies], and a variety of books on Black Historical figures like Paul Robeson, Ralph Ellison, and others. Oh yeah, and Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters and Ox Cart Man. I searched them up and got nostalgic. I hadn’t read either in years and couldn’t resist.


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