Buffyreebasing and Other Things

The Library is my friend. My friend.

I went to the Library on the first and went…a little wild in the checkout department.

I got the first and fourth seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the third season of Angel, the first season of Doctor Who modern [Eccleston – Nine], the episode Nemesis from the Miss Marple series, and TCON-PC. Yep, Dinklage Estrogen Brigade I joined. Gost my shiny scout badge and all.

It’s been a marathon of viewing. It shall continue to be once I’m done with the viewing I’ve been doing.

I found DVDs from my early spawnhood on the Library website. The original BBC television production series of The Chronicles of Narnia from the late 80’s and early 90’s. The newer version is cute and I’m looking forward to seeing them but the TV version really stuck to the books on top of being really good. I was actually drawn to reading those books from viewing the airing of the series on PBS and I’m really looking forward to [finally] seeing The Silver Chair.

New version – Cute, entertaining, Dinklage.

Old version – Nostalgia, unfinished business…um nostalgia.

Thank goodness for Library. Beer bad. Library good.

Here am I, 28, and I just reverted back to the speak of a 16 year old. Yay me.


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