Busy Day

Its strange. The older I get, the more I like doing chores.

Given hope, in twenty-seven days time, I should have some Radishes and a reload of seeds at the ready should the harvest come out well. In addition to that, I planted four Sunflower seeds in the middle of the same container. Hopefully, everything will come together as planned. I just need to get more soil, more pots, and a good long growing time with no shocks to the plants systems.

My list so far with completed crossed out. Stuff I’m working on as of this entry is in italics.

  1. Finish the scarf, hat, and glove set for my mother.
  2. Sift the soil.
  3. Eat something.
  4. Sew something.
  5. Braid my hair.
  6. Drink five 32oz cups of mint tea. [working on 32oz cup one right now.]
  7. Wash shoes, socks, and tights.
  8. Write a letter to Zoukplouf.
  9. Pot all loose plants.
  10. Do laundry.
  11. Finish watching Angel.
  12. Watch Doctor Who 2006 again.
  13. Sort fabric in bags and boxes.
  14. Hang clothes in closet.
  15. Clean room and organize desk.

The February Project [Scarf, hat, and gloves] will finally be done sometime this week. I have been feeling well lately and even up to knitting since I stopped taking the Lamotrigine. I even got a book from the library on how to knit socks with two circular needles and I think I’ve even got the hang of how to do it from the pictures. Only time will tell but it will be nice to make my own socks rather than run to the store for them.

Most of the sewing done will be for my ragged assed clothing that needs stitching. It’ll be good practice for both my machine and [hopefully not] hand knitting skills pending evaluation of the items. I may also make something like a pillow or bag.

As to my hair…I’m already running. Part of me wants to do cornrows while a more ambitious part wants to do braids. The parts of me that would have to hold my arms up for the length of time needed to do either is protesting rather loudly though. I think I’ll leave this one close to last.

Most of the other stuff is getting done little by little as I take breaks from the bigger things. Like right now, I’m about to go tackle my closet. It’s a good thing I’m a minimalist. I only have a few clothes to begin with, so hanging those won’t be a problem. While I’m in there [and while the floor is free of my bed] I’m going to sort through the fabric.

Well, here goes…


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