Economic and Ethical Dilemmas

This is difficult.

My primary motivation, for almost as long as I’ve been donating blood product has been to get others to join me in the effort with the hopes of building a ‘Donation chain’ of people stretching [hopefully] well beyond my founding.

While I don’t consider this a problem, others are usually less willing to donate once they realize that they’re not getting any financial compensation for donating blood product. The ‘giving as its own reward’, while heart warming, doesn’t put food on the table and certainly isn’t [to them] compensation for overcoming the reticence they have to having needles stuck in them or viewing their blood leaving their bodies in even the moderate quantities the ARC takes.

So, not too many takers have come forward. Still, I keep trying. In fact, if you’re reading this, please at least register for the NMDP if you’re able.

Recently however, I’ve been put on temporary deferral and during this time, with the motivation of continuing my goal of helping others, I’ve been joining clinical studies. Unline with the ARC, most do pay for any samples taken and usually for time utilized and any other procedures done.

Here’s where the dilemma comes in; I finally qualified for a study at a firm that offers a referral bonus but in recommending people to the firm when they mention my name as being the one who told them about the place, I’d be taking away from potential donors to the ARC and Marrow registry. Believe me, that’s the furthest thing in my mind from doing but in these tight economic times, the extra 100.00USD to X-Thousand USD made from something as simple as a few swabs and a few vials of blood could made the difference between bills getting paid and people being put out on the street.

This is not even getting into the fact that I actually need the extra money myself. I don’t live in a rose tinted bubble filled fantasyland where bills don’t exist. If I could get ten people to use me as a referral, I could cover at least a part of the electricity bill [BGE], or two other bills if I split it. Fifty people could help my mother get out of debt. Through my efforts at frugal living, thankfully, two hundred people could not only pay off our debts completely but enable us to finally put something away for emergencies [as we’ve had plenty of lately].

Even so, I’d still feel bad knowing that I couldn’t convince someone to donate their blood product or register for the National Marrow Donor Program. 😦


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