I Want My MHZ…

Its not like 24 Baltimore is bringing on effective programming to begin with. Geeze, they’re repeating most of what’s already being broadcast on the other two stations as well as DCs affiliates as it is.

Reruns of Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, and 2.5 Men…that and Informercials galore. Bo-ring. Game shows, Judge shows, and just about everything [rerun wise] Fox 45, CW 54, and the DC counterparts are bringing on…

I want MHZ Networks… *sniffle*

Aussie Rules Football…

International Mystery…


Multilingual programming…

I DON’T want to see another Infomercial involving Klee Irwin, Kevin Trudeau, or Info on how to ‘Buy Houses For Cheap’…

*Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get MHZ in even more clearly than I can currently get 24.


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