Random Ramblings For 25 May 2009

  1. The damn scarf for The February Project is finally complete.
  2. I came this close to considering going to that other school over CCBC after all this time.
  3. My hair is now long enough for Pippi Longstocking pigtails.

The Scarf, the Set, and Other Things

After much in the Herculean effort department, I powered through the night and slightly numb, blistered fingertips to complete The February Project scarf. Pictures will go up with good light exposure. And, since I’m fresh out of the shower, me getting dressed. Ha.

Now all that’s left to do is the hat [ASAP for my mothers job interview tomorrow] and gloves to go with it. Less than eight hours to complete the whole thing total and I dragged it out until now. I’ve got no excuse with the hat. I made my own from the Fall Harvest Multicolor set in a little over a day of knitting when I wasn’t even sure what to do.

Once the hat is done, it’s onward to plans and the creation of something new on The Brown Battle Beast. Between all these books I’ve got from the Library and the PBS programming I’ve been watching [*cough cough* Sewing with Nancy…], I’m up to at least trying out the creation of a bag. Little intricacies that didn’t go over well in the written format were shown on SwN just today and the thought of making a square bag doesn’t feel as intimidating as it has done over the past few weeks.

Plus, I found a book on knitting socks on circs. It’s called. *FANFARE* ‘Socks Soar On Two Circular Needles’ by Cat Bordhi. So far, I’m ‘getting it’ but I’m not ‘getting it’. Show me something in motion a few times and it’s forever locked in my memories. Put me down in front of the simplest of written instructions…alas. I will keep at it though. Between this, crocheting, sewing, and riding my bike, something will be learned by Summers end.

CCBC vs **** or Rocky Infinity

I actually have Survivors’ song ‘Eye of the Tiger’ stuck in my head on a loop now. Help.

For one brief moment, the certainty of the easy path nearly lulled me into the lahar that is my ex-college. I snapped out of it, believe me. All the surface perks in the world can’t make me go back there. I know I left for a reason. I was uncomfortable there. It was nice at first when the learning was new but, eventually, it seemed like high school all over again with the same mentality of perpetual digging for busy bodies sake and nothing more.

Yes, they’ve got a Health and Wellness center available for medical emergencies and other amenities but going there was sucking my lifeforce from my body. From the first moment I went to CCBC, I knew I had my share of problems going on but they were [entirely] with me as opposed to provably with more than just my sphere of influence. Maybe things have changed since this but…on weighing the benefits versus losses of this, I think giving CCBC at LEAST one more semester is worth a shot. Especially considering my tentative career plans being more supported by classes within the CCBC system.

Not to mention the physical challenge of the CCBC campus. I walked my ass off at CCBC. Literally. Sod the gym, that campus is a training course all its own. At one point, I dropped nearly thirty pounds in one semester.

The Hair Saga – Three Years, One Month, Seventeen Days, and Some Change in the Life of…

MAYDAY MAYDAY – My hair is growing.

Medusa has seen the mirror, repeat. Medusa has seen the mirror.

I’m at a loss for what to do with it. I’m not cutting it, no matter what but until it’s a bit longer, it’s just stuck in an interim phase where I could style it in PL pigtails, afro puffs, cornrows, braids, or [shudder] have it heat processed.

The more I look at the last option…the more the others seem appealing despite the near four hours it takes to braid my hair and two hours it takes to cornrow it.

Not much more to say really. I guess I’ll tackle my hair now while it’s wet and pliable enough to power through. One positive good thing found out today is that I’ve got two and a half hours of physical fitness programming [including Yoga] every weekday morning broadcasting on MPT2 if I can be up by 6am. They’re putting on Wai Lana and someone named Priscilla after her. For the first time in a long time I followed along and Ow but YAY.

Another positive good is that signs of MHZ Networks and WHUT are popping up after a long absence via Digital television. Howard came up as an unsteady signal out of nowhere on a scan and the programming I’m used to seeing on MHZ popped up on DCs NBC affiliate. I miss my signals. I hope they come in even stronger than before.


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