I Can’t…

I cannot possibly, using human abilities, watch all the DVDs the library offers in addition to reading all the books while simultaneously focusing on the acquisition of luxuries like food and shelter. I know I must limit myself but, out of the blue, my library has Torchwood. Torchwood, d’ya’hear…Torchwood.

I wish MPT sucked a little less and brought Doctor Who and all the satellite programming back on the air. If only WETA would pick up where they dropped the ball…


2 thoughts on “I Can’t…

  1. When mentioning “Torchwood” are you referring to the British Science fiction drama? I read a little about that and wonder if I would enjoy it. But you mentioned it in your Library, is there a book too?


    • The library I get pretty much all my reading and viewing materials from carries DVDs, music CDs, and other media in addition to books. I’m not sure as to whether there are any Torchwood written materials running around but, from what I’ve read, it would be nice.

      I know that there’s a lot of written stuff out there on Doctor Who itself, so I’m guessing someones churning out something on the satellites from the original series.


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