Mentally Prepared For Medicament Adjustment

After seeing a recent episode of ‘Mental’ on Faux and talking with a new good friend who has the same condition, I’ve decided to go ahead and ask my doctor to wean me off the meds and start from scratch. From the time I started taking these meds in 2005 up to now has been a long stretch of ups and downs. When I’m not torridly ill, or depressed, I’m feeling spaced at 1,500mg per day with very few windows of calm.

This medication does work for me though, I know that much. I know what happens when there’s nothing there and it has prevented that chaos from occurring for a really long time. I’m just thinking it needs an adjustment.

I’ve got an appointment today with my new therapist, so I’ll see if he’ll flag my records for my med doc in case I lose courage or forget I typed this ha ha.

Now to assemble my hair and otherwise get ready for the day. Ciao.


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