CB and Homework Seem to go Hand in Hand

It’s remarkable how it parallels my One and Five Year Plan goals.

Doc D v2.0 gave me homework for our sessions yesterday. I’m supposed to figure out what I’d like to work on during the time I’m seeing him and make a list of the twenty or so things. Where to begin…*sigh*

One thing I do find weird about getting a new therapist is the notion that, just because it’s a guy, I’m somehow going to be more uncomfortable. No one ever asked if I was uncomfortable with a woman therapist, so why ask with a guy…

Maybe its just me but, speaking as a person with female bits and bobs, I’ve never been uncomfortable in talking with guys. Heck, most of my friends when I was a kid were guys. It was the girls that unnerved me with their rabid fixation on permed hair, clothes, and make up.

I don’t know, just one of those weird random thoughts. He seems like a nice enough person though and, he’s even seen Doctor Who to boot. That alone gives him street cred in my reality LOL.


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