Oh Man…

The pipe situation out front sounds even more messed up than originally stated. They’ve now dug a hole six feet deep by six feet wide in places and they’re talking about having to dig closer to the houses since the problem with the pipe looks to be bigger than originally thought.

One guy is actually speaking of ‘tying it off for today, and finding a fucking game plan for tomorrow’. Oh dear…

Evidentally all the ‘blue tile’ [can’t hear properly, call for plumbers] might look bad. The piping is copper.

Holy shit, they’re talking of taking the entire sidewalk up. This guy is talking of it ‘getting ugly’ and wanting to call the inspector.

I’m guessing that this has something to do with the rapid increase in ants in my kitchen. For whatever reason, their nests are being agitated and they’re coming to where they think its safest. The exterminator, when he last came, did say that he thought were were sitting on top of one big ant hill, hence all the calls for just about everyone here in this neighborhood.

I guess this goes into the same category as my shower door being forged in Romania in 1975. Found that out by accident the other day while taking a bath.


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