In Bad Taste

What kind of perceptions does Sarah Palin have for her own daughter that she’s throwing her in the middle of this whole thing…

She seems to be the main one using her underaged daughter for her own political benefit. She’s getting attention with every outrageous comment she’s made and, while Lettermans comments about her [obviously] oldest above legal age daughter were way out of line, it seems as though she’s getting more pleasure and media perks out of this whole situation while trying to use Dave Letterman as a scapegoat for her behavior.

Then this morning on the Today show, she completely glossed over the fact that Obama was the one who actually took the high road and stood up for her daughter in this past election campaign. I know memories are short in modern media but, thankfully, mine isn’t one of them. When Bristol Palin was still pregnant, people [wrongly] started making jokes and the McCain/Palin camp were [rightly] defensive. Obama then stated how his own mother was a teen herself when she had him and that families were offlimits. That put a cool off on the derogatory comments for the most part, thankfully.

I guess, in her mind, any political publicity is good publicity even if it’s at the expense of her daughter. Poor kid.

In the interest of public disclosure, I am neither [nor have I ever been and nor will I ever be] a Democrat or a Republican.


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