Dancing in the Dark of Life

Wild, it’s been ten years since I graduated from high school. I’m not dead. That’s something.

What’s more, I’m not a hardcore gangsta rapper. Kidding, like that one was ever going to happen to begin with…

Seriously, it just occured to me that this past week marked the ten year anniversary of my vomiting out into the world. So far, I can say that things have gone considerably better than I thought they would. I really didn’t see myself alive right now or even findable and, well, here I am. I have had a few setbacks but I’ve gotten right back up, dusted my ass off, and got right back into it rather than go into full retreat mode.

So, ten years from now, I want better than what I have now. Considerably better. I’m happy with the good level I’m doing in the world but I still want to do more. Me thinks a ten year plan might be in the works sometime soon. Anyway…

Here’s to you Central Career Center at Joseph C. Briscoe Class of 1999. *tips glass of cranberry juice in salutations*


2 thoughts on “Dancing in the Dark of Life

  1. I’m still in high school and really really think I’m gonna end up craving for food somewhere in the upcoming 10 or 11 years 😦


  2. Well, you do have to eat. The best thing you can do is keep track of what you’re eating and make healthy choices. I’ve found Yoga to be pretty calming too.


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