A Possible Identification

It took me a while but, I think I’ve figured it out.

It could be a Pignut Hickory, the mystery tree out behind where I live. I think. It’s either that or a hybrid.

I am still sniffing this thing even now, the drupe smells so good. Of course, I could be wrong. It just looks closest to what I’ve seen pictured here. Even so, it still doesn’t fit enough. This isn’t like with the Persimmon where it was obviously a Persimmon.

First thing tomorrow morning, I’m going back out there to do some further investigations.

This is what happens when you deprive a child of things like this. Twenty years after most would have learned this, the grossly underexposed adult is still zooming in on things like this. Such is city living.

If I can get my camera to work properly, I’ll take some Loch Ness worthy images in the hopes that someone will get a better handle based on the pictures.


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