Calvinist Quiz

Okay, this is just funny.

I’m not a Calvinist, honest. Unless you’re counting Calvin and Hobbes

Test your C-Factor


You are a genuine Calvinist. You have been tried and tested in Calvinism. Your attitude in live is straight and strict. You are a hard working person, who pays attention to others. However, you never show off these qualities. After all, in the eyes of God, everyone is a sinner. You know how to control your emotions, and no one can say you have an easy and luxurious way of life.



You sure have a Calvinistic working ethos. You never work hard enough; work for you is your bounden duty. You are the type of employee any company desires, but the balance between your work and private life may get disturbed.



You are rather strict and straight, as are more Calvinists. The advantage is that people can count on you, but your disadvantage is you find it difficult to have fun. Relax a little. Things without purpose make life more enjoyable.



You sure seem to be a Calvinist. You live life moderately, restrainedly and systematically. But don’t forget that Calvin himself knew well how to enjoy life!



You are a reliable partner, though you could be more enchanted. Don’t be afraid of emotions!



You are not necessarily sombre, although Calvin’s religious convictions are in your genes.


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