Loaded With Dough

Literally. I spent the better part of yesterday into this morning proofing and baking bread with the last one and a half bags of flour in my possession. The French bread didn’t come out so well but my loaf bread is improving significantly. The French is still edible though and, being the person I am, I’m not going to waste it. Might beat someone over the head with it but it definitely won’t go to waste.

The loaf bread is soft though. Like the kind you’d buy in a store. Maybe now I won’t hear so much whining from the Maternal Parental about ‘needing’ a loaf of store bought bread now. I think the next time I try to make ‘French’ loaf bread, I’m going to use the ‘Loaf’ recipe and just make it like a French loaf to see what happens.

In total, I made three loaves of ‘loaf’ bread, two French, and a weird sort of spiral knot type loaf. It all came out fantastic though. For now, most of it is in the freezer, ’cause being honest, who needs that kind of temptation laying around. As it’s needed, I’ll take it out but I look to have enough for at least the next three weeks. It would be more if it were me alone eating it since I don’t eat that much to begin with.

I’ve even figured out a good mnemonic for making it. I was watching Firefly while making most of my bread and figured out a good measument for timing the rising and baking. Two episodes of Firefly or the Serenity Pilot episode is enough time for its first rising. One Firefly episode is enough for the second rising. All but ten minutes of a regular Firefly episode is enough to bake it [in the Pyrex dish at least].

Since I’ve only got the one Pyrex dish, the second half of the dough I’d made for each batch went into a plastic bowl with a lid on it but it continued to rise. That bread didn’t turn out too bad itself with this third rising in its history. Now, at least, I feel confident enough to make Cinnamon Raisin bread. If I can master that recipe, we need never spend almost three dollars on Raisin bread again.

Still, I’ve got to get some proper baking pans. I made my ‘loaf’ loaves in a Pyrex casserole dish. With the way I bake, I figure six pans should be enough given the size of the cookie sheet they’ll be sitting on in the oven. I can freeze all but one at a time and have enough to last.

Many thanks go to The Frugal Girl for posting these recipes on her blog in the first place.

Yay me. Now, to get back to knitting. I am several projects behind. I do not like that.


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