Saturday Window Shopping

You see, when I go all out for ‘wants’ as opposed to ‘needs’, I want to get stuff like these.

I haven’t had a pair of Saddle Oxfords since I was six. They didn’t make them in my increasingly large shoe size by the time I was in the first grade. I always loved the style though. Now they’ve got them, and even in my size, Womens 11. Just wait until I get some excess income.

Aside from that, I’ve been looking around for socks, shoes, and underwear. The usual. I may make a run over to Target once my laundry is done since tomorrow is a big day for me due to a volunteer gig and, if I’m going to be on my feet, I may as well have the comfort of new socks between me and my boots to cushion them.

Plus, they’ll be good for the two big standing volunteer posts I have coming up. I got in for a megadrive and I’m going to see the Football [Soccer] on the 24th via another volunteer gig. I’m going to need comfortable ‘No slip’ shoes for both though. All the more reason to move my booty to the Target before I go to the library.

If I could sell this table and set of chairs, I could afford to have more disposable income but for right now, my Oxfords are going to have to wait.

Ah well, back to it. I need to hit the shower, laundry, and all before I set off.


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